Introducing: The Hope Pendant

Hope allows us to carry on and rise above the turmoil in our lives.

A gem rises above the turbulent waves below.

When you have Hope, you shine like a star in the dark sky, and bring light to those around you.

When you wear this, remember what fills you with Hope.

Each Hope pendant that I make is unique, formed by hand with hot glass and patience. I add pure silver to the waves, adding to their movement. The last piece that is added is the sparkling Cubic Zirconia, embedded directly into the molten glass.
It is my wish that this pendant can bring a memory of Hope to you or a loved one, even on the darkest days.

Many colours available.
80$ cad
Made to Order, leave 1 week for production
Shipping time will vary
Gallery and ‘in stock’ inventory coming soon!

Contact me below for your order!