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Welcome to Ellyloo Creations!  When I was a child, I got called "Ellyloo" a lot, and so when it came time to pick a name for a website, it was natural to pick something that was sentimental to me. You can call me Elly though.  I am so glad you made it here, and if you have any ideas or colour preferences you don't see, give me a shout!

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My Story

A long time ago, I broke my brain.  Not literally, but have you ever had an experience that jars you so much out of your comfort zone that when you come through it victorious you see the world differently?  It's not like it was LIFE CHANGING, but it veered me out of the rut found myself in.  It happened to me. I was challenged as a young 20 something to participate in a ropes course, and as a part of this, the pinnacle was to climb and jump off of a 40 foot telephone pole.  Of course I was strapped to a safety harness and had a helmet and was quite safe.  My body and brain however did not believe me.  It took forever for me to conquer the paralyzing fear that was like a physical force, but I finally did it, and the feeling of pride and accomplishment that followed planted a seed in me.  It was as if my brain said "If you can do this, you can do anything you try!"


I'm always looking to create new things with different colours.  I don't do custom work as a rule, but sometimes the challenge is intriguing.  Let's chat!

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