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This bead has a nice clear encasement that showcases the violet swirl of a special glass called "Psyche"  and the silvered ivory colour that sets it off.  Psyche is made with silver as a part of it's glass recipe, so it reacts to certain treatments!  You can see here it blushed a beautiful teal colour.  

A lot of the charm bracelet beads that I make that have beautiful clear encasement over layers of glass are larger than what you are probably used to.  This may be solved with an extender on your bracelet. 

This bead is 2 cm in diameter.
This bead has a 5mm hole.

All my beads are made by myself, and annealed in a digital kiln directly from the flame.  They have been cleaned for your convenience.

There are no metal cores in my beads.  This keeps mine, and your costs down. You may see them added in the future, but for now, the beads are coreless.


Encased psyche swirls 2

  • When glass melts, it becomes a liquid-pliable and easy to manipulate into the shape you want.  Glass will cool off the quickest where the 'skin' contacts the air.  This means while the outside cools and hardens, it will contract, while the inner core is still liquid and will need to expand!  This creates a lot of stress, and there will be cracks and weaknesses in the glass.

    By placing the hot glass in a waiting hot kiln, the glass is able to equalize and the kiln cools off very slowly, letting the glass reach one temperature at the same time.  This process will create a stronger bead for life on a bracelet or necklace or key chain.

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